Hi All,
I have just bought a fully functional MDQ with its original PC/GPIB card and 32 Karat Version 8 installed. My problem is that the original owner lost the USB dongle but didn't mention this prior to the sale. I am hoping to get a replacement USB dongle but correspondence with Sciex (owners of Beckman Coulter CE) is slow and they don't seem to be very forthcoming. More than likely they will want to charge the full original cost of the software which I can't afford.

So, assuming I can't get a Version 8 USB dongle, I'm looking for a copy of the 32 Karat Version 5 software to run the MDQ. I believe (from reading these forums) that it was available free of charge with an MDQ license from Beckman a few years ago.

Any help/comments appreciated! Contact me on mail@novost.com.au