Hi there!
I'm currently trying to restore an old Agilent G1600ax capillary electrophoresis system and I found out that some crucial parts are broken or missing. Namely:
G1600-60002 Agilent Capillary cassette
G1600-60210 Alignment interface (50 µm)
and... the software Chemstation G1601..
I have some great plans for application of CE in my research (neuroscience/drug discovery), but have no funds for the proper service repair. The quote is way beyond my research money. I now have a critical time in my academic career and I am quite desperate so I decided to get this thing working again even if I would have to pay for it with my own money. I've been trying to fishout something on ebay, but noone wants to sell separate parts and I couldn't find any Chemstation for CE.
So, the question is if anyone could help me with getting a complete capillary cassette in a poor-researcher-friendly-price? Maybe someone could provide me with an image of Chemstation G1601 installation CD? My intention is of course to apply for money to buy a legal licence (if it's still available), but I at this point I need the software at least to check if the system is working.
Please somebody help me get my feet back on the ground!