Hi all this is my first post in this section. Basically I work in a small flavors lab and try to do everything on the GC because I have no HPLC and don't really have the budget for one as well as all the solvents and consumables associated with it.

Anyways for the past few months the two analytes I absolutely seem incapable of doing with derivitization via GC are Inosinate (IMP) and Guanylate (GMP) which are important Umami enhancers. I've tried several different solvents (acetonitrile, DMSO, Pyrdine) and derivitization reagents (BSTFA, MSTFA, TMCS, TMSIM Phenylboric acid, trimethylphenylammonium hydroxide) and have come to the conclusion that it is simply not feasable via GC as all I have ever gotten were chromatograms with solvent peaks and trace impurities (most likely I can't deal with the phosphate group).

I am now investigating Capillary Electrophoresis as an alternative to HPLC since I don't have the budget for an HPLC, Solvent&disposal nor high quality water (Grocery store distilled water has surficed for my needs). I know very little about CE though have seen reports that it does well with nucleotides with UV detection.

How is CE for quantitation. I've heard there are issues with reproducibility though with ITSD take care of the issue. Also what kind of system and consumables whould I need?