We bought a used Dionex ICS-3000 (Chromeleon 6.8) and just installed a new CD in it because the old one was clogged...We were going to do anions on 1 and cations on 2. We installed the ASRS 4mm suppressor on 1 and when you go to the software it will not let you select a suppressor...we selected suppressor 1 and linked it to pump 1 in the software, rebooted the computer, restarted the sevrer and CH 6.8 no luck it will not let you select a suppressor...I moved the cable over to 2 and linked suppressor 2 to pump 1 and selected suppressor 2 in the server and it worked...so is there something wrong with the suppressor connection/electronics on 1 or something in the software that is not set properly?
I called tech support they thought it might be electronics but weren't able to suggest any repair options....If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!!!