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Have an ICS-1000, AS-DV, and Chromeleon CDS. Encountering a volume error. The auto sampler injects the first two vials consistently, but gets interrupted with the vial in position 3 and every other vial. Noticed that while the IC analyzes vial 2, the needle has moved to the next vial, in this case vial 3, and appears to be in the process of loading, however when it prepares to inject vial 3 it generates an error b/c there's "not enough volume to deliver" due to a lack of sample present, interrupts, and moves to vial 4. This will continue for the remainder of the sequence. Attempted to randomize the vial positions and similar interruptions occur.

I've cleaned the sensors on the block, checked the wellness panel, created a basic acquisition method and the error continues. I've placed sample vials filled to various volumes and the needle sensor appears to read the proper volume. Is there anything else that can be checked to determine why the carousel is advancing and the next sample is being loaded before the current sample has completed analysis.

Welcome to the forum! Please check the AS-DV module options in your Chromeleon instrument configuration manager. If Sample Overlap is enabled, the AS-DV starts the next sample in a sequence while data acquisition is occurring for the current sample. Also, please check the configured delay volume, flush factor, and the size of your loop entered in the sequence. Chromeleon will use these three values to determine if there is enough volume [(loop volume + delay volume) x flush factor]. Finally, the AS-DV stores the vial size installed in each carousel position and the remaining volume in each vial during a run. You should reset this stored vial information before each run by pressing the Carousel Release button on the inside of the chassis or clicking the Reset Memory command in the Chromeleon control panel.

More information is available in the Dionex AS-DV manual here.
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Thanks for the reply and link. Based on your response I decided to create a new sequence and program using the same code. It appears as if the previous program was corrupted, since creating everything from scratch resolved the error.
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