Dionex ICS-3000 Pressure Transducer issues

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There is a lot of information about this issue, so bear with me.

We have a Dionex ICS-3000 DP that has recently been giving trouble. Initially, the pump mechanism was giving an error, so we replaced it with a spare from another pump of the same model. After replacement we found that the pump had a constant flow-rate regardless of the input value. This was the result of a sensor piece (magneitc) in the mechanism being different to the old one (optical). We changed this and then ran into more major issues.

When we tried to check if the pump would work after swapping the sensor, we found that the pump head's pressure transducer was now working incorrectly, it was giving back very high pressure readings when no flow was present (upwards of 9,000 psi), and it was impossible to calibrate/zero the ambient pressure (we are using Chromeleon 6.8 software). We swapped the pump head for another one we had, and found that one worked, so it is likely the pressure transducer that has failed (we had problems fluctuation problems with this transducer in recent times).

Has anyone had experience in changing the pressure transducer in a pump head for the Dionex DP system? The manual quotes a part number which you can buy independently, but it mentions nothing about replacement. The pump head which worked was a capillary model, while the one giving trouble is a standard analytical model. We were hoping that we could transfer the working transducer from the capillary head to the analytical one. The transducer has three indentations in a triangular pattern, and we were unable to budge it using a pronged-key.

Any help would be appreciated,
I didn't seen any responses to your post but yes likely the pressure transducer. I replaced one 2.5 years ago on a system and today that one died on me. Wondering if you learned anything from the process. I am wondering if there is a way around the needing a service tech to get into the software. It is not a difficult process to calibrate a new transducer.
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