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I haven't found anything on this subject on the forum...
I have found new IC columns (both analytical and guard columns (CS12A)) today, but I've noticed that it was produced in 2010. The columns were not used at all.
Does anybody know what's the shelf life of the column? Is there any possibility that this column is not good for analysis, since it stayed with factory eluent inside for 7 years? If the column is not OK, I have the possibility to return it to the distributor...
If the column is OK, should I perform the regeneration first, or I could just condition it with the eluent?

Good Afternoon,

Sounds familiar to me. I discovered "new" unused cation columns while at one job. Tried using them...regenerating luck at all. My opinion is to send them back (I didn't think of that back when I did what I did) if you can. They are certainly now unable to perform separations of cations.
Oh, and for reference, these columns were three years past the printed expiry date posted on the columns themselves...two years was noted as the "good" period.
Hi Again, annapantelic,

You can try this out...if you like. ... -May10.pdf
We had a problem with the suppressor and just now we are testing our unpacked column. My boss has decided that the column was still being testing and we didn't return the column to the manufactures. Now we use the column and is working well for now. Maybe we just had luck with the column that has expired data.
Thank you mattmullaney.
I'm sorry I'm late with the answer.
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