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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know the biggest differences between the Dionex IC25 and the DX-120 chromatograph systems (IC).

I know their both integrated systems but the specs looks quite similar. The IC25 is a bit newer, but I cant see any major differences.

DX-120 manual - http://www.dionex.com/en-us/webdocs/4520-31183-03.pdf
IC25 manual - http://www.dionex.com/en-us/webdocs/4536-31685-01.pdf
Hi Lespaul

There are several differencies in concept and technology:

The DX120 is an integrated system with pump, detector injector and column/suppressor space. But the pump is a single piston pump only. If you have software or a chart recorder you can start with IC.

The IC25 (also know as DX320) is a combined pump/detector modul. The pump is a dual piston pump (electronically controlled) and i would say more flexibel/precise. But there is no compartement for the column or suppressor and no inject valve. You must use a single injector (stand alone) or an autosampler.

Both system are isocratic and are out of production since several years (and service can only be done on a "best effort" base).

If you have to analyze only the so called standard anions or cations and no need for an autosampler you may better start with the DX-120.

Hope this helps.

Best regard
Stefan Brand
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Just one detail to clarify, you are going to need an autosampler for either system. Also, from what I have seen, there seem to be more IC25 units still in use than DX-120 units. If you are looking for longevity from either of these systems you might have an easier time sourcing parts on the IC25 rather than the DX-120.
@duck duck goose: The DX-120 includes a rheodyne inject valve with a luer port adapter at the front door. Therefore there is no need to use an autosampler. You can direct load the sample manually with a syringe. With the DX-320 you need either a manual inject valve or an autosampler. The DX-120 can be easily equipped with a an commercial available autosampler (e.g. http://www.dionex.com/en-us/products/ion-chromatography/ic-rfic-modules/autosamplers-injectors/lp-72578.html.

Hope this helps.

Stefan Brand
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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