Dear all,

our ICS 5000 System is equipped with an AS11-HC column with guard and the VWD detector with a flow cell.
Our eluent mixing during the measurements is from 17,5% 200 mM NaOH up to 50% 200 mM NaOH (rest millipore water) with 0.350 ml/min. After one run with 36 samples and standards we switch to standby with 2.5% 200 mM NaOH and the rest millipore water with 0.1 ml/min. After some samples we need a column washing with 100% 200 mM NaOH.
I am a bit curious about the flow cell. Is it ok to apply 1h 200 mM NaOH and flush afterwards with 2.5% 200 mM NaOH and the rest water? Or should I apply 100% water for some min (to fill the flow cell) and disconnect the flow cell for washing and reconnect with 2.5% 200 mM NaOH and rest water? How do you guys handle strong bases and the VWD detector?

Thank you