Hello everyone,
we want to try to test different sizes of sample loops, specifically 500 μl and 1000 μl, using the system HPLC (Dionex ICS5000) with accompanied AS-AP Autosampler. However, we only have syringe of 250 μl volume available currently (we just want to check the different loop sizes before investing). We are using push full inject mode.
Reading manuals it seems that higher volumes then syringe volumes could be used, because the syringe could inject the sample several times until reaching full volume.
First problem is that , within the software, maximum loop volume that could be adjusted is 500 μl.
Another problem is that the software also gives error on the length of the buffer line. Should the buffer then be adjusted as well?
Does anyone have possibly any helpful advices or experiances within their own labs with similar issues?
Thanks in advance!