We are currently running 2 machines with GP-50 pumps but recently were gifted some unused older machines that have GP-40 pumps. Does anyone have information (or know where to look) regarding the specific differences between the GP-50 and GP-40 series?

One of our GP-50 screen interfaces is currently exhibiting the phantom button pressing phenomenon described in other ChromForum posts and it's very tempting to just swap one of the GP-40 screens onto the GP-50. The button arrangement is exactly the same but I'm not sure if they are compatible.

I would like to find out if other internals are interchangeable in case one of our GP-50s has a more drastic issue. I can't disassemble the GP-50s that are operating currently to see if the electronic boards are the same, for example, so hopefully someone has a better idea of cross compatibility.

Thanks for your time!