I have a Dionex ICS-3000 that is giving me a bunch of grief. I was getting a series of cam driver fault errors, which ended up being a bad drive mechanism. So I replaced that, to find that my new suppressor is leaking. After some troubleshooting, I found that my conductivity detector module is giving far more back pressure than the suppressor allows. I am seeing 350-400 psi with the detector connected directly to the pump (no column) at 0.3ml/min. Since the suppressor is only rated to 150psi, I have to believe the DC is clogged. Any suggestions on how to clear the blockage? I have run warm water through for several hours with no change. I was thinking of running some weak acetic acid since we use a carbonate eluent most of the time. Any issues with doing this? I realize I might damage the detector but I am thinking that it might need replacement anyway at this point. Any other suggestions on what I could do? Thanks!