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I have an AS-AP autosampler that refuses to stay aligned. It doesn't give me any problems aligning it to the injection port, wash port, or to the tray; however, once completing the alignment procedure it will somehow become misaligned over the vials and the needle will hit the edge of the vial. I am using 1.5mm vials in the rack. If anyone has any ideas about how to fix this problem I am all ears. Currently the only tray that I have in is the main 1.5mm vial tray, I am missing the triangle side trays. Are those necessary to keep the alignment consistent for the instrument? Any advice would be tons of help. Also does anyone know of any good videos I could watch to learn more about this particular autosampler?
there are little divets in the underside of the vial trays to help it stay aligned. I will say we just got this autosampler, and i had one of the trays out that had my standards in it, in the fridge, and I too got the misaligned error, but my trays weren't in their snug positions.
These systems have an issue where physically moving the tray carousel by hand throws off the internal alignment calibration of the system so that a typical tray alignment will not fix it. The only way to get the system back to the proper alignment is to call Thermo and have a service tech re-align it for you. I am not sure if it is a bug or a "make work feature" but it sounds to me like what you have run into.
when my technician set up our system over the summer, he said manual moving the carousel is a bad idea b/c it messes it up. so I haven't. just the other day i did it on accident and it have a misaligned error and the software said to turn off the auto sampler with the main power switch and reboot. it is totally fine now. sometimes it is just that simple
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