I'm trying to get set up with a GC-QQQ, and right now for a variety of reasons a 1200L is coming to the top of the heap.

I know this is an older system, but do have some Varian experience so it doesn't scare me off too much and the price is right on it.

As a bit of a preliminary question, does anyone know of a source for filaments? I know SIS can rebuild them for a reasonable price, but I'd like to have a few spares on hand so that I can at least cycle through a few before sending some to then.

As a secondary question, though, I'd like to start this system off on H2. It's going in a different room from my other GC-MSs, so I'll be plumbing it in separately. I know H2 is a no-no with Saturn ion traps, but haven't seen any similar cautions on the 1200Ls(whether single or triple). Does anyone know whether or not they're okay with hydrogen?