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Hello all,

I have a Saturn 2000 MS/MS connected to a Varian 3900 GC.
The MS is new to me, have been using both Agilent 7890 and Varian 3800 only FID. Have been searching all manuals and sites regarding carrier gas and i can not find any information regarding hydrogen used as carrier gas for this MS.

Using a new RXI 35sil MS column and i think the 3900 has a 1177 injector, column flow is 0,7mL/min H2

Everything starts well (with a few errors on the MS side). Vacuum pass (turbo @ 100% 245mA), RF pass, Multiplier pass, FC43 pass, Waveform pass.
Ionization test fails on emission current.

Have been using the default temperatures for a week, manifold 40'C, trap 150'C, transfer line 170'C. (During bake-out manifold 120'C and trap 240'C for 8 hours)

After bake-out during air/water test I receive low air but the water level is massive. Changed filters both in the H2generator and the external ones in between the generator and GC. Another bake-out and the results are the same, water level around 100% (sometimes 80 and sometimes 3800%)

If there was a leak in the system the MS should show high air too and the vacuum test should fail.

I am wondering now if any of you have been successfully using hydrogen as carrier gas on a Varian Saturn MS or it should ALWAYS use helium?

Does the ionization test fails because the high water level or can it be another problem? (hopefully not a board issue)

Thank you for the attention/
Kind regards,
Almost one month had passed, 150+ views and no answer...
Well, thanks for nothing, i have found the answer myself :mrgreen:
What was the answer? I am also curious if you can use hydrogen carrier with the varian.
jkloepping wrote:
What was the answer? I am also curious if you can use hydrogen carrier with the varian.

H2 can not be used nor N2. Changed to He 6.0 and I have the same issue.
Difficult to find anyone with experience on a Saturn Ion Trap, even when calling Agilent(who bought it from Varian).
The past is there to guide us into the future, not to dwell in.
Please check out this thread:

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