NIST MS Interpreter v.3.4
NIST posted a NEW Version of MS Interpreter v.3.4. At ASMS in 2018 NIST announced a new version of MS Interpreter and began distribution of a Beta version. The final version is now available for download at: ... nterpreter

MS Interpreter was described in a poster in the meeting of the International Mass Spectrometry Society, Edinburgh, UK, 2003, “An Automated Method for Verifying Structure-Spectral Consistency Based on Ion Thermochemistry”.

This new version has major enhancement of mechanisms and their rates for all fragmentation types (EI, Tandem positive and negative mode), new display features, isotope calculator and updated on-line help. This program connects mass spectral peaks to their probable chemical structure origin and can be quickly invoked from the NIST MS program.

No documentation is available except built-in help system. Select Help/What's New from MS Interpreter menu to get a list of newly added features, or open file MSPCALC.chm.

You can also download a full working version of NIST MS Search v.2.3 (introduced with NIST 17) to work with your older versions of the Data. ... ata:nist17