Sciex API4000 vs Thermo TSQ Quantum Ultra

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Application: Pesticides testing
Detection Target: 10 ppb or less on approximately 65 pesticides (but some will
need to be analyzed by GC/MS or GC/MS/MS)

Question: Just wondering if anybody here has used these instruments for pesticides testing. I know the API4000 has been around for a while but I do not have any information about its pesticides sensitivity. As far as the TSQ Quantum, not familiar with that instrument but prices are reasonable in the used market but have no clue about its pesticides sensitivity.

I ask for any of you to share your experiences in pesticides testing using any of these two instruments.

Thank you ! ! !
Both systems can be used but I doubt any of them have the sensitivity required for "modern" pesticide analysis..

Most customers I see today top end QqQ to keep up..
Kind regards
It will depend on the target analyte. Highly chlorinated ones seem to respond less simply because of the 35/37 mass ratio of the chlorine atom. I have run pesticides on an ABI3200 and some respond very well while others may be 10-50x less sensitive. I was able to see Glyphosate that was derivitized at less 1ppb but some other analytes are barely detectable at 100ppb.

The ABI4000 should be 5x more sensitive than the 3200, but not sure how the Thermo relates in sensitivity.

If they have similar sensitivity then you also need to look at the software and decide which is easier to use and has the options you really need. That will make a big difference if you analyze a lot of samples.
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I agree with what leadazide and James_Ball mentioned. The Sciex 4000 and Thermo TSQ Quantum Ultra will struggle to accurately quantitate 65+ pesticides within a single injection. If you can stretch your budget I would recommend looking at a SCIEX 4500.. they are becoming the standard in most environmental labs. I work for a 3rd party reseller, we have some options in stock if you'd like to discuss.
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