Varian Saturn 2000 MS System user.
Does anyone know if there is something in the Workstation software or autotune where you can check isotope ratios? We need to report the ratio of two ions that should be a physical constant (the isotopic ratio) for a lab certification we are trying to obtain. The autotune is great and gives out lots of information, but the only isotopic ratio it spits out is for water (m/z 19/18), which doesn't fly.

Our other GC systems (HP/Agilent) allow us to get a ratio for m/z 220 relative to m/z 219, which is ideally what I would like to do for the Varian to keep all instruments the same; but I can't find out how to get this information from the PFTBA standard/autotune function for the Varian.

OR... can you suggest some other ratio or information I can glean from the Varian autotune to help us meet this certification requirement?

thank you!