I am working in a lab and we just inherited an old perkin elmer 200 HPLC and I want to put it on our mass spec. We have an Advion expression CMS and I hope the set up is as straight forward as I think it will be. That being said, I am not 100% sure on what all I need to do for this. We have a vacuum degasser, a pump and the UV-Vis detector (we also have a perkin elmer 600 series LINK Interface). Additionally, I would like to run them off of the same computer, which would require the HPLC to be hooked up to the computer through either USB or Ethernet. Finally, I would also like to spend as little money on this as possible. What do I need, and how do I go about doing this?

BONUS: I also inherited a first generation Camag TLC-MS interface and would also like help getting that set up, using the HPLC pump if at all possible, any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!