Hi all,

I have 1 250 mass spectra from MS Search (NIST) recorded in the format JDX (file1.JDX, ...,file1250.JDX). I would like to build a database of these spectra (database.MSL) for AMDIS. This is my way :

- use LIB2NIST to convert all the files (.JDX) in the format MSP (file1.MSP,...,file1250.MSP)
- use AMDIS to build the database (database.MSL)
- use AMDIS to transfer the previous files in the database.

The problem is that this transfert is made file by file which is very long (1 250 files to transfer).

Do you have a solution to transfer all the file at once into the database by using AMDIS (possibly creating a batch file) ?

Thank you