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I'm seeking help on an issue with my LC-MS/MS. I've had multiple runs where the instrument seems to get stuck on acquisition of any random sample on the plate. I've attached two images where I've left the run over night and came back to a sample still in the acquisition phase.

Has anyone else had this problem? Have you resolved it? How?

I'm not sure where to begin the troubleshooting. The system log does not show any errors and seems to think everything is okay.

I'm using Analyst as my software. Eksigent arm for acquisition.

Link to the snapshots:
I don't use the same software as you, so I can't directly say. But I've had this happen to me before and in my experience it is due to communication between the instrument and the software being interrupted. Windows Update or other auto-updating software can sometimes cause problems, or the router/switch you are using, or once in a while our power will dip for a second, not enough to cause everything to shut off but it interrupts the communication.

It doesn't happen very often so I can't really replicate it to test it, but that's what I have seen personally.
To further elaborate on MMJ88's response... it very well could be power fluctuations causing the minor interruption in the communication between data system and instrument. Are you using a UPS battery backup? These aren't just for temporary power in the event of power failures. There are fluctuations of voltages in every outlet and the UPS systems will "filter" out these fluctuations and SHOULD prevent this
Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will try a UPS and monitor.
Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will try a UPS and monitor.
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