I have a Varian 3800 GC with a Saturn 2000 MS. I have recently taken over this machine and I do not have the full history other than it was running 2 years ago and was put into storage until now. I had to replace the Turbo controller because of poor Vacuum, and I have been having problems with the Trap Heater. I ordered a new manifold assembly for the trap post. I reinstalled everything and I am still having problems with the Trap Heater. The temperature will hover around 48 C without budging. I’ve tried readjusting the parameters for the Trap, but nothing. The manifold heater and the transfer line heater work perfectly without any problems. It is just the Trap Heater I am having problems with.

Here are a few details that may or may not help.

Turbo Speed: 100%
Turbo Current: 250-260 mA
Multiplier Voltage: -1274 V
Axial Modulation: 3.7 Vp-p
El Filament Bias: -11.6 V
Cl Filament Bias: -10.6 V
Emission Current: 10.2 uA
Gate on Voltage: 150 V
Gate off Voltage -160 V