I apologize in advance if this is a silly question. I am running an agilent 6430 paired with an 1100 for lcmsms. I am doing compound optimization for a variety of pesticides. This is a refurbished instrument and we have had a variety of issues with it. I have successfully identified precursor ions for my compounds in addition to finding optimal fragmentor voltage. However, when I do a product ion scan for these compounds I am not getting any fragmentation. I have increased my collision energy all the way to 60. My source temperature is at 350, which my understanding is that this is as high as the source temp can go for this instrument.

My question is why am I not getting any fragmentation? Is there another setting I need to address? Or is there something wrong with the instrument, maybe that it's not applying the correct voltage to the collision cell?

I have a lot of instrumentation experience with GC and LC but no experience with lcmsms, so I would appreciate any insight that you could provide.