We currently have an API3000 and all methods work great. We were told that the methods should easily transfer to the 3200 once we got that. However, we found out that the salt based mobile phase solutions that we use on the 3000 can't be used on the 3200. So, we need help writing/adjusting/fixing the methods so that we can get our 3200 up and running quickly. I'm looking for a freelancer that can help. We are located in Las Vegas.

I'm not a scientist/chemist but the owner of the company. My current team knows enough to do it....but it would take a month. I'd prefer to pay for an expert and have it done quickly. I believe we have the mobile phase solution figured out and now just need to adjust our methods. While we are considering multi-quant in the very near future, we are still using analyst.

Please contact me if this is something anyone can do or if anyone has any referrals that they can share.

Thank you