I am adjusting the coils of an Agilent 5975 MSD but cannot lower the voltages below 125 mv when working with mass 100.

Also, I am checking the test points as in the document:

We leaked the foreline pump and have changed some parts, but still, I can see some oil in the pane, so I think the pump is not fully sealed.

Can somebody give me advice on the maintenance of the pump it is a Pfeiffer Duo2.5. I have all the parts for an overhaul.

I will try to reseal it. I have looked on the internet and they said that the first problem is the Vacuum so perhaps is there the problem. Also, I get 0.000 mTorr pressure in the display. It is not okay. As I have searched.

Will check the pump again. But can you give me some advice, please?

Adolfo Álvarez