Hello ChromForum I wish to evaporate ammonium acetate buffer,
I have a protocol where I extract lipids using 6:3:2 (MeOH:DichloroMethane: 40mM AmAC(aq)). I can run this on RP-chromatography without any further preparation but when I run HILIC i evaporate the extract and dissolve sample in isopropanol. Ammonium Acetate is somewhat volatile so is it correct to assume that most of the AmAc in the initial solvent will evaporate when I fully dry the sample down under N2 stream? I wish to get rid of the AmAc as it is would not dissolve in the IPA if it evaporates then I wont have to re-test a new extraction procedure. My mobile phase is 95%ACN with 10 mM AmAc and my needle wash is 95% ACN without buffer.

I found a vapour preassure of 13.9 mmHg for AmAc compared to water 17.5 perhaps giving an indication of that it would evaporate but a bit slower rate than water?

Advise would be appreciated.

Efit:Tested to dissolve som AmAc salt in ipa and it seem it does dissolve after a while.