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We are being asked to analyze for Ferrocene (cas#104545) by EPA 8260! We were told by our customer other labs had been able to perform this for them. We are not having any luck. I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you very much.
What is the matrix? water? soil? something else?
Its boiling point is around that of naphthalene so expect it to elute very late.
The matrix is water. I extended the run time by 3 minutes after naphthalene and raised my final temperature by 30c. Thank you.
Is the CAS# actually 102-54-5? 104-54-5 is for Cinnamaldhyde.

Ferrocene is insoluble in water so it should purge well, just not sure if the trap will capture or release it well.

It is very soluble in organic solvents so it may be better to analyze by EPA 8270.
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If you can do direct injections on your instrument you could extract with low boiling solvent. What reporting limit are you looking for?
Thank you all for replies.

I did direct injections today and I still do not see anything on the DB624 column which we use for 8260 analysis. Our customer says he had been able to get a 1.0 ug/l DL with EPA 8260 for water samples along with other 8260 compounds; and they do not want to run it by 8270!
Was it analyzed by purge and trap?
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