Good day everybody,

I am currently dealing with a strange issue on my GC-2014 Shimadzu. Every time that the GC switches off, the settings go back to default. This includes the connection options which normally is on level 3 which reverts back to none. The Shimadzu GC technician advised us to change the GC board battery, namely Bios battery which made it worse. Once the battery was replaced and the GC was started and turned on, the screen showed the following note: "press any button to run". Once you press the button, it starts to render some random pictures and numbers for a couple of seconds. Then half of the screen is full of black squares which are started with an arrow at the first row and the rest is empty. pressing more buttons leads to the repeat of the same story.

I have been dealing with several GC and GCMS devices during the last four years and I have never had the same situation. I would appreciate if any of you could give me a clue to overcoming this problem.

All the best