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Dear all,

we have a Varian CP-3800 GC with three detectors: an ECD, a FID and a PFPD. We have an injector for the ECD and another 1041 on-column injector that we use with different columns for the PFPD, or alternatively, the FID.
For the PFPD we used a CP-SilicaPLOT 30 m x 0,53 mm x 6 um, that Agilent referred that this column is on hold. The suggested alternative was the GasPRO 0.32 mm. But, is this compatible with our type of injector? Is there another alternative?

Thank you for all the help you can give.

I hope your problem is already solved , but when not the Gaspro 0.32 is compatible with the 1041 on Column Injector.
Service Engineer at Scion Instruments (Former Varian)

I hope the problem you had has resolved.

I am reaching out from Scion instruments - manufacturers of next generation of the CP3800 Varian system that you have.

Scion bought the IP for the Varian GC business, and are now manufacturing the next generations of the Varian systems in our Goes facilities.

We have also developed the Galaxie software into its new form - now called Compass CDS. This software works seamlessly with old data files and methods. S

Please reach out to me directly for any technical support/ hardware or upgrade support which may be required - on new or legacy Varain Gc Systems.

And this goes for anyone who has a Varian GC and is looking for parts/ software upgrade/ hardare upgarde/ just tech support. Please reach out.

Find me on linkedin:
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