Can't get HP G1513A autosampler to run

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I am attempting to get an older HP 6890 communicating with the G1513A autosampler; the controller is an HP G1512.

The APG cable connects the "APG REMOTE" on the G1512 to the lower "REMOTE" fitting on the 6890. The Sampler cable connects the "HP 6890 SERIES" on the G1512 to the "SAMPLER" plug on the 6890.

"TRAY" on the G1512 connects to the appropriate connector for the G1513A. "INJECTOR 1" is connected to the tower, with "TOP" appearing prominently on the top.

Green light on the G1512. Green light on the injector, having cycled through the alignment procedure etc. to ensure it is working. "Ready to inject" on the GC.

However, even after programming a method, configuring the tower as INJ 1, setting injector parameters, enabling the sample tray, creating a sequence- as far as I can tell, doing absolutely everything I need to do to get the GC to run a sample via the GC (before even considering the data system), when I press "START" it does not sample the vial- it simply goes into the chromatographic run as if an injection had been performed.

The address switches are set in the "HP ChemStation HP 6890Series GC MSD ChemStation (rev 3.70and above)" configuration (up, up, down, down, down, down, down, down; down, down, down, down, up, down, up, down).

What am I missing that is keeping me from successfully injecting using the autosampler?
Are you pressing the Start button on the front of the 6890N instead of trying to start with the software?
Tried it both ways- starting with the GC, starting with the software.

However, the smarter half of my relationship figured out that "Seq Control" was inexplicably set for "Pause," and fixing that threw the instrument into a run. So- 80% of the way there. Now once I can control with the software, that'll be even better. No chance to try that yet.
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