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In the lack of sufficient information on the web, I would like to pose a simple question regarding the CombiPAL autosampler, i.e. CombiPAL Headspace Injection:
According to the manual, the autosampler is compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. In case of installing a newer version of Windows (ex. Windows 7, Windows 10), do I need a new driver to install in order to put the autosampler in function again, or it will continue to work properly?

Thank you in advance.
You probably don't have much to lose by just trying it. I bet there aren't too many of us who have tried what you describe. It's an old sampler. The newer versions are much nicer (no bungee cords).

Mine is running on a GCMS system that's 20 years old - Windows NT 4.0 is the OS on the pc. It still works very well - as long as the bungee cords are in good shape. In fact, I need to replace them today.
Keep in mind that the device driver model changed a lot from WinXP to Win7. I'd be really surprised if it works, but as RB6banjo says, I'd probably still try too. If you're just upgrading the operating system on the same box, it will most likely give you a message during the pre-install system check that the driver is not supported in Win7/10.

Good luck. Please post what you find.
My combipal works well with Windows 7 32 bit. You can use any terminal software to control it, like hyperterminal. You can then integrate it to your instrument easily using AutoIt: ... ith_AutoIt
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