We've recently purchased an Agilent 7890 GC with a 7683B autosampler. We've been experiencing alignment issues where the grappler has been dropping vials. It's slightly off center with the carousel and the vials are being tilted against the side of the positions when being placed/removed. This is normally a simple thing to fix only I don't see settings to configure the sampler on the control panel of the GC. We have another 7890 GC with the 7693 autosampler and this is straight forward to align as all the settings are there to be changed as needed. I realize that 7683B autosampler is the main sampler for the 6890 GC, but still would expect to be able to fix an issue like easily. We bought the instrument off a 3rd party vendor and it's under warranty with them but they haven't been much help so far. I've been looking up online for solutions and though I'd try here also.
Does anyone who has a similar setup have some advice on this?

Thanks in advance.