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When using manual bubble flow meter to measure gas flow rate in GC FID, is there a specific soap solution that should be used?

I have searched all over the web and it doesn't seem to be the case. And from the technical stand point, it seems like as long as the solution can successfully produce a bubble upon the squeezing of the bulb, then the soap solution works.

So if no special soap solution is required, what do people usually use to make the soap solution used in GC FID? Liquid hand soap? liquid dish soap? liquid laundry detergent?

Any response would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Kitchen dishwashing liquid works as well as anything.

Peter Apps
Peter Apps wrote:
Kitchen dishwashing liquid works as well as anything.

We used that, commerically-available liquid soap, or even some Snoop. I may have taken in to use a few ml of my kids' bubbles from the dollar store (trying to remember what those cost !)
Just used any liquid soap that was handy when I used one.

Also if you don't have Snoop or a digital leak detector and you want to look for small leaks at a tubing connection Windex works great, very sensitive to any leak at all.
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