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GC random empty injection then "waiting for ready" message

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:27 pm
by hlawin
I have Varian GC, CP 3800, equip with autosampler CP 8200, with Varian MS worksation version 6.9. The autosampler stop randomly with message display on the workstation "waiting for ready". I check the GC Unit status, there is no error, the status is READY. It is on the workstation randomly stuck at "waiting for ready" and stop the automation. There is no internet connection and all the firewall are off. I shutdown the GC, autosampler, and computer, and rebooted everything, still doesn't work.

We thought it was malfunction com board failure, we swap it but didn't solve the issue. So it is not from com board.

I notice the acquisition was running before sample injection, it was empty injection, then waiting for actual sample injection. It is random, the GC will run 20 samples then stop and then run empty injection with no sample. Very odd.

If anyone can help me with this error, I appreciate it.