Hi Everyone,

I test thermal desorption tubes on my GC FID and I have a calculation question based on some samples that I'm testing. Sorry if this is the wrong section to post it but, I thought this might be for the best.

I currently dilute a calibration gas standard into three levels and load it onto thermal desorption tubes to run on my GC for my calibration curve. I typically load the samples onto the tubes at 5psi. I need to test something that had a sample loaded onto it at 20psi. How would I take account for that in my results if everything is run the same?

Is it best to assume my standard gas and sample gas behave like ideal gases to calculate for the compensation of the pressure change? In addition would the equation be like this: (P1V1)/(n1) = (P2V2)/(n2)

Thanks for any help that you guys can provide.