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We have an Agilent GC-MS 7820A coupled with an 5975 MDS.
After injection the counter is not starting and the device enters in prep run although nobody selected that and remains in loading vial stage.
Injection works but there is no data acquisition.
No error appears and we have to stop it manually.
We are currently using a CP-Wax 58 FFAP CB.
The device was not in use for more than 3 years but it's parameters are ok and everything seems to be working.
Please let us know if you've encountered this situation before.
Thank you!
Are you using an autosampler, manual injection, or external device?

The prep run feature is there if you have special starting conditions for the start of your run like a pulse injection.
I'm not as familiar with the 7820A but you may need to enable Auto Prep Run (Config, Instrument menu, probably).
We are using an autosampler. We can see the syringe washing, taking the sample and injecting. After that, nothing happens.
The GC is off now so I can't send you a picture, but the real time analysis counter does not start and in the up-left part of the screen appears a yellow box with Pre run (or something like that). Also, the message "loading vial" is still on, even though the injection had already happened.
If we do the injection manually, the Pre run message turns to Run (a blue box) and still nothing happens..
The software is E.02.01
We already tried turning of Auto Prep Run, but still nothing happened.
The log file doesn't clarify anything.. for me at least..
In the log it looks like the MS went into vent state. Was the vent cycle started intentionally?

Was this method created from the default method or copied forward?
What type of injection are you making? Split/Splitless, pulsed etc..
Can you tune the mass spec?
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