I am working on reviving an old Shimadzu GC-17A with a QP5000 detector, using an older version of GCMS solutions as my sofware. When I try to get the system ready to run, an error pops up on in the software "[0d07] Detected carrier gas leak" and an error appears on the display of the instrument reading: "*Leak SPL1*". The way these errors occur simultaneously leads me to believe they are referring to the same issue, or are at least related. I have checked the lines from the tank for leaks and there does not appear to be any. This leads me to think that the split valve is either faulty or, more likely, at a wrong setting. In my instrument monitor tab the listing "Split(Valve:Open)" can be seen. I have discovered the option to control the slit mode and set it to splitless under the acquisition tab, but this is only a setting for a sample to be ran and does not affect the instrument in its current stand-by state. I cannot find the option to close this valve/ adjust its setting in the software.

Is finding out how to close this valve what I need to do? If so how do I do this? I apologize in advance for my naivety in this subject.