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I got the old HP 5880A device and I'd like to put it into operation. Since the device is pretty old (1986) I could not find the instruction manual on the net. On the net, it can only be found the user manual for the hp5890, but there is nothing about connecting tubes. :cry:
Would anyone be so kind to send me the scheme of connecting tubes for a packed column? On the right side where the manometers are located, there are so many metal tubes that they can not be tracked. Every time I tried to follow one of them, I remained quite confused for a certain period of time. :roll:
I would like to connect injector A (without splitless) and TCD(HWD) detector D2, channel D. For mentioned in the previous sentence, it would be specially useful to explain how to connect circular vents (Aux 1) and how they work (it would be good to present this in the same connecting scheme). These valves are located below two covers of the instrument, on the left side of the detectors section when the screws are removed. 8)

Thanks in advance,

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Alfonso Madrigal

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Dear Alfonso,

I think I was very clear in describing the problem. So it would help me a lot if you could draw a schematic view of how to connect the parts described above.

Thanks in advance.
Before you go any further, does this 5880 power up and can you get any printout on the terminal. This is a very old GC and it is not possible to get spare parts.

Dear GasMan,

Of course I tried to turn on the instrument, and the electronics worked fine. I'm just confused about the tubes!

Hello Emmet,

It been at least 5 years since I last used one of those. The last time I used it I updated it to 2 channel Electronic pressure control for fast GC and it worked fine until the cassette tape with the program on it fell apart in the integrator so no way to run it unattended. We wound up buying an Agilent 7890A. If I remember correctly it was a maze of spaghetti tubing once you removed the two screws. However, I still have the manuals if you are interested.

Dear Suchsimion,

Nice of you to offer me an instruction manual for this old 5880A GC instrument, it would be nice to send it on the following
email: hlorovodonicna@gmail.com

Thanks in advance,
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