How to use the two inlets at the same time in Chromeleon?

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I have thousands of samples to analyze and want to use two HP-88 columns with the same oven and flow parameters to cut the analysis time in half, the problem is that I don't know how to tell Chromeleon to inject different samples at the same time. Has anybody done this before?

I am using Agilent 6890 Series. Thank you!
Do you also have two separate injectors, one for each channel? I don't have any experience with Chromeleon, but even software as basic as 10-year-old EZChrom supports multi-towers for two channel simultaneous injecting. If you have the GC configured correctly at the GC, you should be able to auto-configure in Chromeleon. That's the case with EZChrom. Once both channels including 'towers' is configured correctly on the GC, auto-configuring the instrument in the software changes the grey-out Tower field to selectable. Chromeleon is more advanced that EZChrom, so it should do something like this.
As far as I am informed Chromeleon does not support dual simultaneous injection. I suggest you switch to either OpenLAB EZChrom or OpenLAB 2.
Freek Varossieau
Agilent Technologies
That's really surprising Freek, and not what I would have expected. Thanks for the info.
Have you checked to see if Chromeleon requires a second license to access the second channel?

The older Agilent Chemstation for HPLC required a second license to be able to run both a DAD and FLD and acquire spectra on both at the same time.
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