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So, the 6890 N with NPD I bought turns out to be no such thing: there is no NPD installed. The large hole on the left hand side suggests it was used to supply a mass spec. Inasmuch as I wanted an NPD, this is a problem.

I know just about nothing about NPD other than what I have read; I have no firsthand experience, and as a result, have no idea what parts I need to upgrade this box to an NPD. Anyone happen to have a parts list that I will need, please?

Similarly, I would like to get away with nothing but hydrogen and air. The list of gases for this method occasionally lists as many as four, including helium and nitrogen. Is it possible to rig a 6890 N with nothing more than high-purity hydrogen and high-purity air and get good baselines and detection?
It could be done as Agilent GC's are modular. You would need at least 2 EPC kits, one for the injector (if it's missing) and one for the NPD. You would also need the NPD Then lots of copper tubing to plumb it.
It would be easier to sell what you have and purchase the instrument you need.
Hope you got your money back! I agree it is easier/better to buy a tested GC with all parts installed. However, I have 2 spare NPDs from a project that didn't work out if you contact me. And I think you will have to have all four gasses, helium for carrier and nitrogen for makeup.
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