Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some suggestions regarding our Agilent GC 6890. I had to replace our gas cylinder and after replacing it (and ensuring that all connections are properly made, the gas is on, the psi on the tank is correct, no changes to the GC method in Chemstation), I keep receiving an error message that the "back inlet flow is not ready". This happened the last time I changed the gas tank, and the error seemed to go away on its own, so I thought it was a fluke. Now, it's happening again.

I receive this error message both in chemstation and on our GC 0.2 minutes into running our method. The GC status states it's ready for injection (immediately before and after receiving the error message). Is there anything you can recommend to try?

Some other information: we use a purged packed inlet, I have changed the septum and confirmed that the nut it tightened to the correct snug-ness, I have turned the GC on/off and shut down the computer, as well.

Any suggestions are welcome! Thank you!!!