I am using a HS-SPME method with a DVB / Carbon WR / PDMS Smart SPME Arrow on a TSQ9000 GC-MS for smoke taint analysis. However, the arrow is showing broad peaks, which I initially assumed to be carryover from the previous sample and rinse steps, as per the protocol (2min in MeOH | EtOH | IPA) and left in the conditioning module for 60min. Despite this, I still observed broadening of peaks with a high baseline.

Upon inspection of the arrow, I noticed some discoloration, which I believe is causing the issue. However, I am unsure how to fix this (if possible) and what may be causing it. Additionally, I am unsure how to prevent this issue from occurring with a new arrow.

I have noted that the issue seems to be specific to the smoke taint analysis with the DVB / Carbon WR / PDMS Smart SPME Arrow, as I have not observed any issues with other tests (Using DVB/PDMS Smart SPME Arrow) . For the smoke taint analysis, I use a 10 split ratio and 2.5 g NaCl, whereas for other methods, I use a 20 split ratio and no NaCl.

I would greatly appreciate any input on how to address this issue with the DVB / Carbon WR / PDMS Smart SPME, as it is crucial for my smoke taint analysis.