I have seen quite a few posts on this site about the difficulty in lighting FIDs I think I have developed the solution, at least for Agilent GCs. It is called FIDiG and it is a really simple fix. Please take a moment to look at my website www.FidIGbolt.com to see how FIDiG works and how I think it can be beneficial.

I have had very good success getting FIDs to light every single time they are asked to, to the point where I have customer instruments shutting down between sequences to save on gases and re~lighting only when starting a new sequence.

I have not tried it on a Perkin Elmer GC (I mostly work on Agilents) but I think it would be easily applicable here as well, ~ at least on the PE GC I just recently saw. If you have a PE GC and would like to try it out, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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