Good day everyone

I am running on a Shimadzu TQ8030. I have ran into an issue where the filament will be consumed much sooner as it did before. When inspecting the filament, the wires still looks in good condition and have continuity when tested with a multimeter. However when I put it back in the instrument it says that the filament is consumed and switches filament. It is starting to become an issue to replace filaments often.

First thought might be a leak that the oxygen oxidizes the filament wire, but looking at the system check, a value for the 28/69 ion ratio is around 12 %. When vacuum is broke, the system is left over night to bake. Changes to the instrument itself will be a new column and new carrier gas, with the same specs as the previous gas. The temperature of the ion source also remained the same being at 250 ⁰C.

What other factors can influence the faster consumption rate of the filaments that I might have overlooked?

Thank you.