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We are planning to buy GCMSMS equipments for EU requirements pesticides testing for black tea matrix. Pls suugest the best options from below models. Need to analyze low levels around 1ppb matrix matched calibration.
Agilent 7000D GCMSMS
Shimadzu TQ 8040 EI GCMSMS
We (central europe) don't have a good experience with thermos sales and we have very good experience with both shimadzus and agilents...

Thermo didn't offer us discounts (so their quote for same spec system was 2 times more than shimadzu or agilent!!) and they replied to our questions very slowly, ignoring some of them totally.

Shimadzus and Agilent reps did reply immediately, thermo sometimes took a week to even acknowledge the question / inquiry. Needless to say, we never bought any Thermo equipment...
The Agilent model should be able to get to that detection limit just fine. Black tea is annoying though, so make sure you do the proper sample prep regardless which model you get :).
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