Hello all!

I just wanted to check if anyone has experienced the same issue as I do right now. The technician I am in contact with has never even heard of it.

So, I have a Perkin Elmer TurboMatrix ATD650 - automated thermal desorber. It is very neat to work with and easy maintenance, but recently it have started to shut itself off and restarting in the middle of runs, still with the power on, it just goes back to the log in screen. This is stopping all the runs and the behaviour is very unpredictable. Yesterday it happened 3 times when it was setting flows to do the trap leak test.

The technician suspects the power supply needs to be changed, because it is not fluctuations or disturbances in the current, we have an ups installed for that. But neither he nor his contacts have heard of this before.

Have any of you guys been in a similar situation with this instrument?