Hello every one. I am a novice into GC and am learning by myself. I have made an earlier post and now reposting with pictures for more ease of help. So from my research and the tests I would like to run I will need a dual FID setup. I believe I have the setup for one but I have no detectors just the remnants of the jet housings. Below will be some pictures and I will caption each of them with problems or questions I have. I just got the GC and ordered the 7673 Autosampler Tray, Injector, and the 18594A Controller for it. I also have the 35900 E Interface with a TCP/IP-LAN card. Not GPIB/RS-232. In my last post I mentioned needing a MS along with the GC and I do not. It would be nice, but dual FID is sufficient and a MS module is not in my budget.

These are all the spare parts the GC that I would Like help identifying or informing me which setup they had used.

I would really like for the white piece to be identified and maybe a link on the flared brass fittings for the 1/8" copper tubing to the manifold? these ones are bigger than what I currently have on one manifold.

Everything on this end looks intact for the most part. What I understand is this is a split/splitless inlet system, and that I need the detectors to connect to the top fittings on the double silver tubes (not sure what these are called, not the chemical traps to the far left) Then I will have Hydrogen gas going into the top two manifolds fueling the detectors, then I will have helium as the carrier gas on the inlet pressure manifolds. Please correct me if I am wrong on any step here. I am a real novice just trying to set this up from manuals.

Here is the dual inlet system. it all looks intact and complete with housings and heating cores, injection ports, ect.

Here is the remnants of the dual FID setup I believe was present in the system before I won it in auction. I realize I will need a full FID kit with the housing and diode bridge for the igniters, and another ECD Board for the 2nd FID detector. If I missed anything please let me know.

Here are two angles of the control board side. I know I have one ECD and need another for a dual FID setup. The ECD model on this is 19233-60015.
The model number on the Network In/Out board is 19242-60030. All the electrical harnesses look sound and intact as well.

Here is a rear picture of the GC where it has no HPIB interface and my metal case shield still has the cover over it.

here is a top picture of the network In/Out, and the Remote port area.

This is the Remote Connector.

This is the Network In/Out Connector.

Here is the inside Of the GC. Everything besides the missing detectors looks intact too.

Here is the rear of the 35900E Interface.

Here is a rear picture of the autosampler controller.

With all of this together I should be able to run the GC once I get the missing parts. Besides all my other questions and concerns, how do I get this hooked up to a Computer to use Chemstation? I realize this requires an older PC, but how do I do this without the GC having an HPIB interface?