Agilent Headspace G1888 with 5890GC, Is it Possible?

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I have a G1888 Agilent Headspace and a 5890GC with dual FID. But I have been doing some reading and it looks like the G1888 can only be hooked up to a 6890 through a network cable. Is this correct or is it possible to use a 5890 on a G1888? My 5890 only has HPIB card and not a network card like a 6890.

Any input/help is welcome, thx.
1888 does not require a network connection. You would set the software to manual injection, and program the 1888 from its front screen. Hit start on the 1888 and it will inject in the programmed time. You may need/want a remote cable connecting the 1888 to the 5890 to tell the 5890 and software when its injecting. Otherwise youd have to press start on the GC too.
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