HP 5890 Series II - FAULT: DAC2 TEST

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What's causing this DAC2 Test failure
I'd assume it's a D to A Converter
But can't find it in any book

Where do I look for this bad part??

G Kenney
Eastern Florida State College
What exactly is the error message?
HPLC chemist wrote:
What exactly is the error message?

The Error is "FAULT: DAC2 TEST"
Plugging the fault message into google yielded this as the first link:

'DAC1 FAULT" or "DAC2 FAULT" is generated when a cable from the Analog Signal port on the 5890GC is connected during the power-on self test.

To clear this Fault:

Disconnect the Analog signal cable(s) from the Signal 1 and/or the Signal 2 ports on the 5890GC and turn the power off and back on.

After the self test is completed, you may reconnect the Signal cable(s). The GC will now become ready to run after equilibration.
Where is this analog cable? Is there a letter code on it?

G Kenney
Eastern Florida State College
There is an access panel on the top right of the 5890. It can be removed by lifting up on the rear edge of the panel. Once removed, you can see the connection ports for analog signals 1 and 2.
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