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Hi all,
Is it important to apply filtration of the aliquot after clean-up step in sample preparation of food samples before injection in LC MSMS or GC MSMS.
And if please can anyone provide me any paper or reference for that.
Filtration should only be needed if there are particles to worry about, and that will matter more in LCMSMS than GCMSMS since those would plug the column. I don't have any reference but it is good practice to make sure you have particles less than 0.22um when running LC.
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Agree with James.

In a typical Quechers sample preparation, following the salting out step, we perform the clean up for LC and GCMSMS:


- Evaporate under nitrogen until dry
- Redissolve in starting mobile phase
- Filtrate using push-through filter vial 0.2µm


- Take 1.5mL of acetonitrile phase in dSPE tube
- Shake 2min
- Centrifuge
- Transfer part of supernatant to GC vial

As you see, no filtration for GC. But there is centrifugation and no solvent switch, so much less risk of solids remaining.
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